The discussion of the rebuilding of the government quarter in Oslo following the 22 of July terrorist attack has largely focused on the preservation or demolition of Høyblokka. A major question emmerging is how a unified government complex with high requirements on safety and compactness, can create a better area for the city and its inhabitants. Is a city-integrated government complex of almost 200 000 m2 even possible?

We suggest to build not one but a series of smaller quarters organized along a new urban space defined by the Ministry of Finance in the south and a transformed Deichmanske Library in the north. Located in this generous space are Høyblokka, the July 22 Memorial, smaller meeting spaces, green spaces and a new public square with an adjacent center for democracy.

Text: Transborder Studio


Transborder Studio

Oslo-based achitectural practice, founded by Øystein Rø and Espen Røyseland.
Høblokka Revisited Team: Espen Røyseland, Øystein Rø, Filip Loguin