‘Slå Ring’ is the result of an inquiry WOOD a + d got from Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang in November 2013. Fabian had an idea for a circular building to replace the Y-block, while keeping the high-rise building known as “Høyblokka”. If the symbolic building is to be rehabilitated, says Fabian, it is important to bring in a new element to mark a new era. The proposal attempts to reconcile different viewpoints in the debate and to clarify the rhetoric ide of affirming democracy.

WOOD a + d developed the napkin sketch and visualized the proposal in context. It was important to produce a form that expresses the armour of “Høyblokka”, while maintaining an open and transparent structure. The shape was changed from a circle to a loop that surrounds and frames the high-rise building. The shape would form a new space between the government building the nearby Deichmanske and Holy Trinity Church. Wood a + d primary aim has been to contribute by using architectural tools to visualize an idea in an otherwise wordy debate. WOOD a+d believes this to be an important part of a constructive process towards a future solution for the government district.



The work is prepared by WOOD a + d
Christian Fredrik Morgenstierne
Johanne Taugbøl
Espen A. Lindkjølen
Anita Berglund
Hanne Balstad

With assistance from:
Didrik Moe Lianes , visualization
Frida Foberg , visualization
Lars Borgen, visualization
Mie Dinesen , film editor
Sivert Moe – Winther, soundtrack