minnelund H 01

minnelund H plansje 2



77 trees are planted in the Høyblokka building. A tree embodies growth, strength, dignity and the cycle through days, years and lives. The vertical memorial created, is a place for contemplation and reflection, a place to view life from a different position.

The overall structure and cores of the building are kept. The main communication through the park-structure, are slanted slabs resting on existing constructions. The journey through the memorial towards the rooftop allows and encourages new and extended views and insights. On the rooftop you are faced with nothing other but the sky. Here you are alone with yourself, fellow women and men.

Nations honour their memories. Ruins are architectonic and structural memories, often a more powerful manifest than their point of departure. The stories told by ruins are those of hope, achievements, change, decay, neglect, and in some cases vandalism and terror. Examples range from the Forum of Rome to Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche in Berlin.

This sketch removes the 1990 extension. The pavilions for canteen and conference are converted to museum and chapel.



Wilhelmine Førre, 1995, student at AHO/Master of Design, Oslo // Mattias Gunneflo, 1979, Arkitekt SAR/MSA. Master Degree from Lund University, Sweden // Tormod Førre, 1973, Arkitekt MNAL. Master Degree from NTNU, Trondheim.